Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Son's drawing

My little one Jai who is 6 years old loves to draw..especially Cars (like all boys)..During his drawing period he draw car with the heart design on it…So thought of linking it to Artsy Craftsy mom challenge

Sindhu Manokaran

Happy Birthday - Pop up Card

This time also I made a pop card with birthday theme..
Banners, balloons , candy and gifts are hand cut..

Used the heart punch small one and daisy punch to make bow..

The Envelope and front..made very simple…

Challenges Entered:
Lulupu - Splash of colors
divasbydesignchallenge - Anything Goes
papercraftstar - Happy Birthday
Digistamps4joy-sa - Birthdays are fun
The Pink Elephant - Anything goes

Sindhu Manokaran

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural Scenary - Pop Up card

After seeing lots of pop up cards in Dr.Sonia’s blog.. I fell in love with pop up cards..I made this card for my son’s friend ..

The Sun, tree ,clouds ,pond are hand cut..Used the heart punch and daisy punch for making apples, strawberry and birds..The leaves in apples are made daisy punch..The PP is an old one …Hope the pp suits this theme..

Challenges Entered:
Challenges Entered:
Lulupu – Splash of Colors
Itsybitsy  - Pattern Paper Challenge
Forthe love of crafting – Deep in Woods
oldiebutagoodiechallenge - Bright Colors
The Pink Elephant - Anything Goes

Sindhu Manokaran

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pink and White card - Tutorial

The card which I posted here got request from my friends to show the side view.. 

We can call this tutorial as mini one because I have included only the base..

Take an a4 size paper and folded it and draw a heart and from the bottom measure 2 cm and draw a line to the end and cut it.

Fold on 2 inch to the center

and fold back at 1.5 inch  and fold the remaining again to the center..

Similarly do for other side also
now cut a slit measuring 1cm from down on left side to two in  the folds in center and in right side cut from top.Join it as we do for cascading cards.

The white strip and white hearts are glued to it.The side view..

Sindhu Manokaran

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First award

Happy to receive my first award from six friends ....

Thank you Nitijita,Berina,Anusha,Naina ,Memory decorator and Biphasha
 for your love and care.

This award comes with some set of rules.Here are they:

  •      Thank the person who gave you this award
  •       Put the person's link in your blog
  •       Put the logo of this award in your blog
  •       Give this award to 7 blogs which has less than 50 members
  •       Put the links of the 7 blogs
  •       Inform these people about the award
  •       Say 7 things about yourself

Seven friends whom I like to share 

kiranmayee k 

Sridevi murali krishnan 

Seven things about me:

  • Love to do paper crafts, crochet ,rangoli and sewing
  • Very poor in  color combination
  • Love to play with  kids
  • I love window shopping
  • I love cycling
  • love gardening
  • I want to learn many crafts 

Once again I thank  Nitijita,Berina,Anusha,Naina ,Memory decorator and Biphasha for your love and care.

Now...Time to  write about this award to new 7 friends

Sindhu Manokaran

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pink and White card


Pink and white Card with flowers stamped.

Challenges entered:

Hearts to hand – Fancy folding with love theme
Crafters corner - Expressions of love
catchychallenges -Let's celebrate v-day with stamped flowers

Sindhu Manokaran

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Money Holder Card


 Made a money holder card with A4 size red card stock and A4 size white printer paper.  This can be done easily by folding the paper in simple steps. Made 4 matching tags.

Challenges entered:

Hearts to hand – Fancy folding with love theme
Crafters corner - Expressions of love

Sindhu Manokaran