Saturday, August 31, 2013

Play Mat

Hi Friends..

I stitched this play mat for my son who loves car…I have used black velvet  cloth for roads and felt cloth for the buildings. 
 I tried to bring all details wanted by my son like school, zoo, police station, swimming pool, railway station and more important one is speed breaker. For that I made a pocket in the road and inserted a small plastic tube to give some dimension and stitched it. 

Speed breaker..
With Cars..

Linking it to Itsy bitsy –For the kids challenge

Sindhu Manokaran


  1. Very creative. Fun way of playing. I love the way you made speed break.

  2. Its wonderful Sindhu ! So many lovely details and stitching too !

  3. Oh my my Sindhu :) this is talent, love the idea and execution. You sin must be excited to use this play mat. Brilliant, I am impressed :)

  4. Wonderful concept and the speed breaker is simply amazing.

  5. Wow! This is great! I had something similar to this in my mind to crochet for my son but never made it.

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