Monday, March 23, 2015

Some School projects...

Hi Friends..

Sharing some of the school projects done in recent times..

The Solar System:

The Sun and Planets are hand cut and foam tape is used to give some dimension..The orbits are drawn using white pencil on black CS...
Japanese Fan :

Made few fans for a dance in my son's school..Used ice creams sticks for handle..

For the stage show...

Hand drawn Butterfly..

Abacus :
 Thermocol balls and thermol pieces are used...

People in India..
The Squash book made using  Dr.Sonia's tutorial..

Sense Organs..An accordion card with all the details...All images are hand drawn...

Thanks for dropping in...


  1. great projects.....beautiful...

  2. You have been busy! These are adorable projects! :)

  3. WOW so many adorable projects and the squash book is so good to showcase school project topics. Thank you so much once again for participating in my 5 Million Page-views Celebration

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